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Barcelona guerilla Green Map 2011

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Please print this map on an DIN A3 sheet of tracing paper (without scaling!) and get your free map from the Barcelona Tourist Office to complete the product.

This is guerilla Green Map for tourists that adds a layer of eco sites to the current free map from the Barcelona Tourist Office.
About this Map

The official map given out by the Barcelona Tourist Office has very little information on sustainable living in the city, and is sponsored by Mc Donalds. So we decided to add an extra layer to the current tourist map with the more eco-friendly alternatives of the city; eco shops, slow food restaurants, green areas, nature spots, bicycle related sites etc.

The idea is that you print our guerilla map on tracing paper (DIN A3 without scaling!) and place it over the maps from Barcelona Turisme. Those are free and available at their offices around town. That way you have all the information you need to enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

For more information or to add other sites, please visit:

Special thanks to Sofia Trindade for making this map happen.

This Barcelona guerilla Green Map is a project by Pöko Design

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